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Are you:
  • Trying to develop a visual branding style?
  • Struggling with your marketing direction?
  • Briefing a copywriter but don't know where to start?

Feeling confident and solid on the strategy and heart behind your business is the vital first step.
This step-by-step DIY Brand Blueprint process gives you the opportunity to develop a strong strategy behind your business, without spending the big bucks on a one-to-one strategy session.
The Brand Blueprint process will help you:
  • Uncover your unique business personality
  • Take a deep dive into your ideal customer's mind
  • Find the magical essence that will direct all your marketing efforts
  • Boost your confidence in selling your business.
This has really helped me to focus in on my vision and refine my purpose for the business. I had already got a fairly good idea of what and where I was going, but this has given me a framework to refine those ideas. I had already done a similar exercise, but this was better.
When you know who are you are, you know where you need to go.
You will get a detailed workbook and accompanying video to guide you through the process.
Don't wait any longer! Stop struggling with your marketing and get solid on your strategy.
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